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NEW BMW iNext: A Bold and Revolutionary Concept

New BMW iNext: A Bold and Revolutionary Concept

BMW have been busy testing the new Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) on extreme weather conditions such as ice-covered lakes and what looks to be some heavy snow. Their aim is to test the car’s ride, handling, battery-temperature management and more specifically, energy systems.

You can get a sneak peek at some of the images released by Munich in Arjeplog, Sweden.

By introducing battery chemistry, BMW have had to pay careful attention to the car’s sensitivity to temperature which could affect charging times, battery heating and other important factors.

New BMW iNext: At First Glance

This is a massive step for BMW, introducing new technology and design. It gives you a real insight to the company’s future plans for electric vehicles, connectivity and autonomous driving.

The iNext features BMW’s iconic kidney grille, but with a bit of a twist. It seems much taller than BMW’s current grille design, but this could be the new look for the developing electric range.

The windscreen joins with the large panoramic glass roof, which gives you the illusion of much more interior space, as well as bringing the outside in, with plenty of light.

The iNext is a large car fitting somewhere between the X5 and the X6. The doors are large, too with rear reverse-hinged coach doors. The iNext has replaced the conventional door handles with gesture sensors, which realty adds to the beauty and modernity of this car. There are also no door mirrors as instead, they have been replaced with cameras. This will also add to the ‘concept’ feel of the car. A very nice addition to the very traditional brand.

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New BMW iNext: Autonomous Driving

The iNext will include autonomous and connective technology where the interior can also chage configuration to match the driving modes such as manual or autonomous.

A Boost mode will be made available for the more traditional drivers who prefer full control of their vehicle. Ease mode is the autonomous feature which will allow for a relaxing and comfortable drive. In the concept model, when Ease mode is activated, the steering wheel will retract slightly and the pedals will become flush with the floor. Boost mode will still allow the driver to enjoy the thrill of driving a BMW, following its strapline, ‘ultimate driving machine’.

New BMW iNext: Inside Out, Outside In

The exterior design isn’t the only striking feature of the new iNext. Step inside, and you will be welcomed with a clean and tidy layout where design meets innovate materials and surfaces. According to Adrian Van Hooydonk, BMW design director, the interior is ‘not inspired by car design at all – more architecture and boutique hotels’.

Many of the car’s primary functions are operated by voice control and touch-sensitive surfaces instead of touchscreens. In Ease mode, the entire wooden centre console will act like a large trackpad.

The rear seat (an asymmetrical bench) will encourage occupants to turn towards one another while in autonomous mode. It is made from tactile, coarse-cut Jacquard cloth and also has its own touch-controlled elements. If you trace your fingers across certain sections you can skip music tracks, raise and lower volume and execute other various commands. Illuminated light paths trace the path of your fingers.

New BMW iNext: Fully Electric

Many of the car’s primary functions are operated by voice control and touch-sensitive surfaces instead of touchscreens. In Ease mode, the entire wooden centre console will act like a large trackpad.

Today’s electric BMW’s, like the i3 use separate motors, gearbox and control electronics. The iNext will have all three elements in one unit, which saves cost and weight. This will then increase power density.

BMW are looking to release an electric mini, hopefully this year. This means the iX3 will be released shortly after, in 2020. We also expect BMW to release a four-door coupe closely related to the 4-series. Supposedly, they will call this the i4.

The iNext production model (whatever the name may be) will launch in 2021 and will be built at BMW’s Dingolfing plant in Germany.

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Posted on 7th February 2019 at 12:28 PM

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