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NEW BMW 1 Series: Has BMW Ruined an Icon?

BMW 1 Series Car Leasing Offers

The NEW BMW 1 Series is finally here, but was it even worth the wait? Or Has BMW ruined its prized child?

Unlike its predecessors, the new BMW 1 Series will become a front-wheel-drive, which to some BMW fans is a sad arrival, along with many additional factors.

With most manufacturers updating their current model line-ups, the motoring industry always adopts a general design language, although this time around it seems some got it right, and some didn't.

Since the global release of BMW's new hatchback model, fans and critics have taken to the internet to share their thoughts and opinions on plans to change the vehicle to a Front-Wheel-Drive, along with its new shape and design language.

Has BMW just killed off its prized child? Will we grow to love it, or continue to hate it?

2020 BMW 1 Series - Styling and Design

BMW has adopted a new and updated design language, fans of the German Manufacturer and its much-loved hatchback have expressed their disappointment online and believe this may have been a wrong move for BMW.

Whilst most of BMW's vehicle range have been given a fresh look, with the updated kidney grille, we can't help thinking it looks slightly out of proportion on the new 1 Series.

Styling consists of a modern and rounded overhaul. By pushing aside those sharp angles, it seems BMW are making room for a more fluid design. The proportions of the 1 Series are similar to the outgoing model, although it has been shortened a little bit, luckily, the switch from Rear-Wheel-Drive to Front-Wheel-Drive has provided more interior space.

The new 1 Series has also been given a shorter bonnet and new slanted, A-Class-like headlights which can be specified to come as full LEDs.

2020 BMW 1 Series - Price and Release Date

You can expect to pay just over £24,000 for the entry-level model, which will go on sale towards the end of 2019.

Although new technology and interior will be better than its previous models, you will be expected to pay over £1,000 more for the 2020 BMW 1 Series. This makes it more expensive than key rivals such as the Mercedes-Benz A Class and Audi A3.

A Diesel engine will be available, but will start at over £25,000. You can expect top of the range models to exceed a £30,000 price tag.

2020 BMW 1 Series - Interior and Technology

Luckily, new technology and interior upgrades can make all of this uproar worthwhile. This also means fans of the hatchback will be given even more reason to fall in love with this car.

As standard, the new 1 Series benefits from a 9-inch touch screen on the dashboard, and if you opt for an upgrade, you could get a 10-inch touch screen for that extra bit of viewing pleasure. The screen can be navigated via gesture controls. If you don't want to look like you're waving a bee out of the car, you can navigate the screen by using the iDrive wheel controller. But where's the fun in that?

The 10-inch infotainment screen will replace analogue driver dials with a digital dash that is actually pretty handy. It will display SAT-NAV instructions between the speedo and the rev counter so you don't have to take your eyes off the road.

If you're feeling extra posh when going for your new BMW 1 Series you may want to add BMW's Intelligent Personal Assistant to the options list, it works like most mobile assistance systems, similar to the system featured in the new A Class you can trigger the system by saying 'Hey BMW'.

It will be able to control basic features on the car such as the destination on the SAT-NAV, climate control as well as safety controls.

If you've reached your coffee intake limit for the day and want to feel a bit more awake, you just say 'Hey BMW, I'm tired' and the system will turn up the air con and music as well as altering the ambient lighting to wake you up.

2020 BMW 1 Series - Safety and Driver Assistance

The new 1 Series isn't short of driver assistance systems either. Hazard warning systems feature to help minimise the risk of an accident along with cruise control with braking function, Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go is available as an option and operational at motorway speeds.

As standard on the new 1 Series are collision and pedestrian warning with city braking, lane departure warning system, speed limit information and much more.

'Innovative Reversing Assistant' also features, this means if you get your new 1 Series stuck in a hard to manoeuvre space and you have to reverse your car out, the new 1 Series does all the hard work for you - the system remembers your steering inputs for the last 50 metres and plays them in reverse, all you have to do is accelerate and brake.

2020 BMW 1 Series - Engines and Performance

The new BMW 1 Series comes with a good range of petrol- and diesel-powered engines.

The 118i has a three-cylinder 1.5-litre turbo, capable of around 50mpg and achieves 0 - 60mph in 8.5 seconds.
116d engine 1 Series come with a 1.5-litre three-cylinder diesel that is rumoured to 70mpg.

Other engines include a 2.0-litre 118d that will manage around 65mpg, for those wanting more power, an all-wheel-drive 120d xDrive version will be available that will achieve 60mpg.

Manual and automatic gearboxes will be available throughout the range.

2020 BMW M135i

It's not all bad news from the 2020 BMW 1 Series, whilst the switch to FWD means that there's no more 3.0-litre straight six engines, the new M135i will have a two-litre engine, paired with a large turbo it will be the more powerful four-cylinder engine ever, producing 306bhp at 450nm.

As well as the extra power the 2020 M135i isn't short of extra upgrades to set it apart from the standard versions. The M135i has its own kidney grille, 18-inch alloy wheels, - with the option to upgrade to lightweight 19" alloy wheels - a bigger spoiler than that on the standard car and REAL chrome exhaust pipes.

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Posted on 30th May 2019 at 12:42 PM

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