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Hyundai NEXO: Everything You Need To Know

Hyundai has revealed its new flagship fuel cell vehicle, it's called the Hyundai NEXO and is a dedicated fuel cell electric vehicle.

Hyundai has revealed its all-new fuel cell electric vehicle at CES 2018. The NEXO will be Hyundai's flagship electric vehicle that will accelerate the brand's development of low emission vehicles. Hyundai is set to introduce 18 eco-friendly models by 2025 but will the NEXO set the bar for the rest of the range and lead the electric vehicle change?

Here's everything you need to know about the Hyundai NEXO.

Hyundai NEXO: Pricing

No pricing has been officially announced yet for the Hyundai NEXO, with that being said it will go on sale in early 2019 and is rumoured to have a price tag of around £60,000.

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But is the NEXO really worth the expected price tag? A massive stumbling block that Hyundai will have to deal with is the lack of public knowledge towards fuel cell cars. The NEXO is a hydrogen fuel cell car, with that being said the lack of a strong refuelling network will really put Hyundai on the back foot with the NEXO.

Hyundai NEXO: Exterior and Design

The design of the new Hyundai NEXO wears an aerodynamic and futuristic look. The door-handles sit flush in the doors, similar to the Range Rover Velar. The sloping roof-line adds a more sporty look with the rear spoiler black, accentuating the design.

At the front of the NEXO are very thin and small LED headlights that span back into the front quarter of the NEXO. A preview video of the Hyundai NEXO shows the LED headlights spanning the full width of the bonnet that adds further to the futuristic look.

Below the LED headlight strip is the Hyundai emblem that sits on top of a grille that spans the full length of the front of the car.

Overall the design of the Hyundai NEXO is quite appealing, the finishing touches like the door handles and the front LED strip really add something new to the hybrid market, but are these small touches really enough to justify the expected £60,000.

Hyundai NEXO: Interior and Technology

The futuristic look is carried on in the interior, a massive centre console separates the driver from the passenger that is filled with buttons and knobs that control the infotainment screen.

Whilst the interior does look good, reviews about the NEXO have said that it has some hard plastics in parts, but is overall quite high quality.

No official details have been revealed on the technology or specification levels but the NEXO is likely to come with a whole host of advanced technology for both driver assistance and convenience.

Hyundai NEXO: Safety and Driver Assistance

The Hyundai NEXO brings quite a bit of driver assistance technology, one of which is Hyundai's Blind-spot View Monitor, this displays the rear and side views of the NEXO using cameras, this displays whilst changing lanes in either direction. This system takes advantage of wide angle surround view monitors that are on each side of the NEXO and they monitor areas that cannot be seen by the rearview mirror.

Lane Following Assist also features with Highway Driving Assist, this is the first car from Hyundai that Lane Following Assist has featured on. Lane Following Assist adjusts the steering automatically to keep the NEXO centred in its lane. The Lane Following Assist system will work at speeds between 0 and 90mph on both motorway driving and inner-city.

Hyundai's Highway Driving Assist is another driver safety assistance system that features on the NEXO, this uses sensors and map data to automatically adjust speed in limited environments

The amount of driver assistance and safety technology on the Hyundai NEXO is impressive, but that's what you'd expect from a car holding such a high price tag.

Hyundai NEXO: Engines and Performance

Hyundai hasn't released much information yet in terms of official figures and what the engines in the NEXO are capable of. Reviewers who have had the chance to drive the NEXO have said that it can travel around 370 miles on a full tank with a claimed 60% efficiency.

It has also been rumoured to be pretty quick for a car of its size, reviewers have said that the combined fuel cell stack and electric motor have a power output of 181bhp which can go from 0-62mph in just 9.2 seconds.

The Hyundai NEXO is expected to go on sale in later this year, but it's not certain how it will be received by the public. Hydrogen and alternatively fueled cars are still fairly new, so buyers may take a bit more convincing.

One thing that can be said is that the NEXO is certainly setting a high standard for new, cleaner vehicles. With quite impressive performance and a long range, could the NEXO be the leader of the clean car revolution?

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Posted on 3rd April 2018 at 2:13 AM

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