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Cars To Be Fitted with Speed Limiters by 2022

Speeding fines may be a thing of the past as all new cars will be fitted with speed limiters by 2022 under new EU rules.

The EU Commission has announced that all cars sold within Europe must come with a speed limiter as standard from 2022.

Whilst the UK may be may be out of the European Union by then, the UK Vehicle Certification Agency has stated that cars registered in the UK will still have to comply with EU legislation for vehicle safety.

What is ISA?

The technology fitted will monitor road signs and use GPS to restrict the vehicle from breaking the speed limit. The technology is intelligent speed assist (ISA) and this actively prevents a vehicle from going over the speed limit of the road its on.

The upper speed limit can be broken by the driver if they push down harder on the accelerator, similar to how you would turn off cruise control. There could be the option for drivers to switch of ISA, but it will reset each time the car is started.

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Data recorders: Intelligent Speed Assist

Cars will be fitted with a blackbox similar to what insurance companies use, this will record data relating to the speed and location.

Systems like this aren't new, they are commonly used by fleets for telematics data. In the event of an accident, the data will be evaluted to find out further information about how the accident may have occurred.

New Speed Limit Laws: What do they mean?

The new laws are designed to improve safety. The aim of the new laws is to prevent 140,000 serious injuries and death on the roads by 2038.

The UK's roads are some of the safest in Europe, although, there is still some work to do in terms of road safety. In 2018, 1,770 road deaths and a total of 26,610 people killed or seriously injured on UK roads.

AA president Edmund King said:

‘There is no doubt that new in-car technology can save lives and there is a good case for autonomous emergency braking to be fitted in all cars. When it comes to intelligent speed adaptation, the case is not so clear. The best speed-limiter is the driver’s right foot and the driver should use it to do the right speed in the right situation.’

Infographic by the European Transport Safety Council.

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Posted on 4th April 2019 at 11:49 AM

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