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Car Leasing: Maintaining Your Lease Car

Maintenance can be added to your car leasing agreement for a fixed additional monthly cost, to cover servicing, replacement tyres and other repair costs. But is it really worth it? How much does it cost, and what's included?

Fully-Maintained Car Leasing Deals

What is maintenance on a lease car?

When you take out your new car on a personal contract hire or business contract hire agreement, you will be faced with the option to add on a maintenance package. Whilst you may not be thinking of servicing, MOTs and puncture repairs at the time of taking out your new car, these are all things that you have to consider when getting a new car.

Having a maintained lease car brings the added peace of mind that any unexpected repair costs will be covered and the convenience that if anything goes wrong your car will be collected and delivered upon request.

Apart from the convenience of a fully-maintained contract and the peace of mind that it brings, it will also ensure that your vehicle has been kept in accordance with the BVRLA's Fair Wear and Tear Guide in terms of servicing, parts and MOT.

Car leasing maintenance, what's included?

Maintenance packages include all routine servicing, replacement tyres and other repair costs that might be required and to keep you mobile 365 days a year, a relief vehicle is an optional service so in the event of a mechanical or accidental breakdown a replacement vehicle is provided.

You can even specify to receive a vehicle immediately or after 24 or 48 hours. A like for like replacement vehicle can also be specified in the contract.

It is the responsibility of the hirer to book their vehicle in for any services or MOTs, failure to do so will incur charges.

All new vehicles include a full UK Manufacturer’s warranty as standard and at least 12 months roadside assistance and recovery. Additional years AA or RAC breakdown cover can be added to the contract if required.

For complete cover and peace of mind, a maintenance package can be included in the contract for a fixed monthly fee, and by using our purchasing power and management expertise a maintenance contract often minimises your service and maintenance costs saving you money throughout the contracted life of your vehicle.

What is the cost of maintenance?

As the cost of maintenance varies depending on the vehicle and contract, there is no set figure. Typically, on higher mileage contracts and more expensive vehicles maintenance will cost more.

On all quotations that we send you will be able to see a breakdown of the vehicle cost with and without maintenance, helping you make an informed decision whether or not to include maintenance on your new vehicle.

What happens in the event of a breakdown?

All vehicles include at least 12 months breakdown cover from the manufacturer, although many manufacturers now offer 3 years cover free of charge. Within the car or van book pack there will be an emergency number to contact day or night.

What happens when I need a service, repair or MOT?

If you included maintenance in your contract you will receive a maintenance contact number from the finance company from which you can book the vehicle into a local approved garage. Upon request, you may also be able to request free vehicle collection and delivery.

Unfortunately glass replacement is not included in any maintenance contract.

It is the responsibility of the hirer to book a vehicle in for services and MOTs, failure to do so at the correct intervals will incur charges.

What if I need a replacement vehicle?

If your contract included an optional relief vehicle then this can be arranged by calling the maintenance number provided by the finance company. Without a relief vehicle option, a hire car can be arranged at preferential rates through the finance company.

Fully maintained car leasing contract

At Lease4Less we offer a range of additional products for your new car. A fully maintained package with your new car brings peace of mind, should the unplanned happen, the cost of any repairs will be covered and the convenience of a pickup and drop off service means that you won't have to spend time waiting around for your car.

Fully-Maintained Car Leasing Deals

Car lease maintenance: Is it worth it?

Is a fully-maintained contract worth it? That all depends on the contract, the individual and your requirements.

Whilst many motorists would rather worry about issues when they arise, customers looking to lease a vehicle often prefer the more hassle-free approach to motoring that a fully maintained contract offers.

One thing to note is that your car will not be booked in for any services, MOTs or repairs automatically. It will be up to the driver to book in via the numbers provided by the finance company. Failure to book your vehicle in for services, MOTs or repairs at the correct intervals will incur charges.

Whether you're a big commercial fleet with vans and cars or a consumer looking for a new car, our experienced leasing consultants will be able to discuss your exact requirements further with you and recomened the best product for you.

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